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A Sample Condolence Letter You Can Customize in Minutes

A sample condolence letter or a sample sympathy letter can help you write your own comforting letter.

handyA sample condolence letter or a sample sympathy letter can help you write your own comforting letter.

Although many people consider the condolence letter to be the most difficult letter to write, these sample letters and tips can walk you through the process step-by-step.
Sending a condolence letter to a grieving friend is a heartfelt gesture that has the potential to comfort and inspire hope.

It’s strange to think that a letter acknowledging a friend’s loss can bring comfort to them, but it’s true.  A well-written letter will be treasured for years and often re-read in times of sadness.

What is the Difference Between a Letter of Sympathy and a Condolence?

What is the difference between a sympathy letter and a condolence letter? Most people use the terms interchangeably, however some consider a condolence letter to be more formal. For example, if you need to send a typed letter in a business letter format, you will want to look at the condolence letter samples and tips.

A letter you would write to a close friend or family member will be very different than a letter to a business associate or client who you do not know very well. I am going differentiate between the two terms in order to give you tips more specifically suited to your situation.

The condolence letter tips, sample condolence letter and guide provided below will help you write a letter for any formal or business setting. They will be help you if you need to write a letter for a business associate, co-worker or client.

For a less formal letter, follow the tips for writing a sympathy letter. In general sympathy letters should be personal and hand-written. If you are looking for a way to comfort a grieving friend or family member these sympathy letter writing tips and sample letters of sympathy will make it easy for you to write a letter that will be treasured.

Condolence Letter Tips

Condolence Letter Tips: a few tips before you start writing a condolence letter. These tips alongside a good sample condolence letter really make the process much easier.

Letter of Condolence Guide

Follow this easy guide to write a comforting letter of condolence. The guide breaks down the condolence letter into seven components and gives you example phrases for each part making it easy for you to construct your own condolence message perfectly suited to your particular situation.

Sympathy Letter Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind before you start writing a sympathy letter. Here is a handy of list of the supplies you will need as well as smart tips for using our sympathy letter examples to write your own personalized sympathy letter.

A Sample Letter of Sympathy

A basic sympathy letter that is suitable for a variety of circumstances. A really helpful resource for individuals who are inexperienced at letter-writing.

More Sympathy Letter Examples

More sympathy letter examples for specific circumstances. Sample sympathy letters written for a friend, a co-worker, a neighbor and for a family member. These examples are inspiring. They will help you find your own words of sympathy to comfort a grieving friend or family member.

An Easy Guide for Writing Letters of Sympathy

This guide will walk you through the sympathy letter writing process step-by-step and give you examples of sympathy phrases to use for each part of a sympathy letter.

About Sympathy Thank You Notes and Letters

Often times bereaved individuals turn to a trusted friend or relative to help them with the task of sending out sympathy thank you notes. You can be a big help by offering to help with the task. Here are samples and resources to help you along the way.

Sample Sympathy Thank You Notes

Sample thank you messages for sympathy cards received, flowers and condolence gifts.