A Sample Sympathy Letter For a Neighbor


The following sympathy letter for a neighbor is suitable for an acquaintance or someone you do not know well.  It is still helpful to express support and sympathy to others even if they are not close friends or family.

You can change the words in brackets to personalize the letter or just use it as an example for writing your own hand-written sympathy letter.

Simply click the download link to customize the sample sympathy letter for a neighbor or you can use it as an example for writing your own letter.

Dear [Recipient], I am so sorry to hear that you’ve lost [Name of the deceased]. [He/she] was clearly a wonderful [husband/wife], [father/mother] and friend. I will always remember when [he/she] [a brief story/anecdote]. I know that I can’t understand how badly you are hurting right now, but I hope that your life with such a fantastic [man/woman] gives you some measure of comfort. Wishing you peace during this difficult time. In Sympathy, [Sender]

I hope this sample helps you express your heart.