Pet Sympathy Ideas: Pet Sympathy Cards and Gifts


Expressing sympathy for pet loss is becoming easier as pet sympathy cards, gifts and memorial products become more common.

Considering how many people care for and cherish a companion animal, it is good to see that this need is being met with inspiring cards and gifts.

Send a FREE pet loss sympathy card

We have several free sympathy cards for pet loss, including dog sympathy cards, cat sympathy cards and also a variety of general cards that you can simply add your favorite quote or verse to.
Right now you probably know someone grieving for a pet. Most of us experience this kind of loss at some time in our lives. If you have ever experienced the death of a beloved pet, you know how sad it can be.

Many bereaved pet owners feel silly about being so sad over the death of an animal. They may have feelings of guilt for caring more about their pet’s death than other people they know. It is also common for the death of a special pet to trigger sad memories and grief from past losses.
Many people do not express their sorrow over the loss of a pet. It is a loss that is not acknowledged or memorialized. Usually there is no funeral, meaningful burial or closure.

Words of Sympathy for Pet Loss

If you have a friend grieving over a pet, send a card or letter to provide support.
There are more and more cards designed specifically for pet loss becoming available.
A standard sympathy card is fine to use as well. You can add your own message.
For some great ideas of what to write in a card you’ve come to the right place. Be inspired by these words of sympathy for the loss of a pet.

Many bereaved pet owners are encouraged by cards and gifts that acknowledge and commemorate the death of their beloved pet. If you can give a friend a way to honor and cherish their pet’s memory, you will help them tremendously.
Pet memorial jewelry is very popular and makes a great gift. Picture frames, memory boxes and memorial garden stones are all great sympathy gifts.
Special ways of remembering such as planting a tree or naming a star can especially help children cope with the death of a pet.
One of the things I enjoy about working on this website is finding great ideas for sympathy gifts and there is so much to be excited about when it comes to pet sympathy gifts. It seems like every week I find another great product to recommend.
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