sympathy letter examples

10 Sympathy Letter Examples That Are Easy to Customize


Sympathy letter examples can help you write your own heartfelt letter.  Just taking a few minutes to view a few samples can give you wonderful ideas for writing your own comforting and thoughtful message.

Sample Sympathy Letter #1- Letter of Sympathy for a Co-Worker

A sample letter of sympathy for a friend at work. This is an informal letter for a co-worker or a friend.

Dear Jane, I am deeply saddened to hear of your husband’s death. Tom was a wonderful man and I’ve always enjoyed hearing your stories of him and seeing the photos on your desk. It was obvious to all what a beautiful marriage and friendship the two of you shared. I cannot imagine the heartache you must feel right now. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. We want to help you and your family by bringing meals by for the next two weeks. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do. With Love and Prayers, Wilma

Sympathy Letter Sample #2- Sympathy Letter Examples for a Friend

Here’s a trick to make your letter hope inspiring: Share a fond memory or story that captures the personality of the departed loved one.
If you can do this just right you will have a condolence letter that demonstrates how much a departed loved one was valued by others. Most of the following sympathy letter examples include this comforting element.

Dear Amanda, My heart is filled with sadness at your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you feel right now. We will miss Roger so much. He was a wonderful father, husband and friend. For many years I have valued the friendship, kindness and thoughtfulness I have shared with the two of you. You both have been like sunshine to me during my dark times. I’ll never forget how Roger could cheer me up with his ridiculous impersonations. Friends like Roger are few in life. With a heavy heart I grieve your loss. It goes without saying that I would drop anything to help you right now during this difficult time. You’ve got my number. Call me when you are ready. I could keep you company any day next week and help with any housework you need done.

Love and prayers, Anita

Sympathy Letter Sample #3- A Sympathy Letter for a Neighbor

You do not have to know the bereaved very well to write a comforting letter. Even a letter from an acquaintance or a neighbor can be a show of support that helps bereaved individuals cope with their loss.

Dear Amanda, I am sorry to hear of your great loss. Roger was such a wonderful neighbor and friend. You and your family have been a source of joy for us as we’ve watched your children growing up. You are a beautiful family and now to hear of Roger’s death, it just makes me so sad. Please know that you and the children are in our thoughts and prayers. We’d like to help you in your time of need by taking out your garbage on Thursdays. If there is anything else we could do for you please don’t hesitate. Our deepest condolences, The Stanton Family

Sympathy Letter Examples for Grieving Parents

If you need to write a sympathy letter to grieving parents, here is one of the most helpful sympathy letter examples. It shows you how basic your letter should be. A sympathy letter shouldn’t be too long and it isn’t appropriate to catch up on what’s new in your life.
Sometimes in tragic situations the bereaved are basically ignored by friends and family who do not know what to do or say. It certainly can be overwhelming to find words of condolence for such a tragedy, but even a brief letter can demonstrate your support and concern. I think that so many people become overwhelmed in a situation like this because they want to write something amazing. It is best to keep your letter simple. It’s purpose is to show your support and honor the life of a child gone to soon.
For help in knowing what to say to bereaved parents, go to Words of Sympathy for the Loss of a Child.

Dear Sam and Carol, I am deeply grieved to hear the news of Katie’s death. I cannot imagine the pain you feel right now. Katie has been the light of your lives. Her passing will leave a great void in the hearts of all that have been fortunate enough to have know her. I will miss her sweet laughter and beautiful smile. What loving parents you are,words cannot express how deeply sorry I am that you have to endure this loss. May your friends and family bring you strength and comfort during this difficult time. I have included some of my favorite pictures of Katie, I hope these precious memories can bring you some comfort. With much love, Rhonda

A Sample Letter of Sympathy for Loss of Baby

An encouraging part of a sympathy letter can be a fond memory or story to share. In the case of a baby you may not have as much to share, but you can still comfort bereaved parents by mentioning something you’ve observed about their special relationship to their baby or their anticipation of their baby.

Dear Trent and Rebecca, I was heartbroken to hear the news about the death of your precious baby, Samantha. I remember how radient you were when you first found out you were having a girl. I know as parents you had so many hopes and dreams for your beautiful baby girl. I wish I could find words to ease your pain. I know that your family will help you through this most difficult of life challenges. If it would be helpful, I would love to babysit Abbey and Jordan for you. You know you are always welcome at our house and we are just a phone call away. Please call if you need anything. 
Our thoughts are with you, Love, Cindy