Sympathy Thank You Cards


If you need to send out sympathy thank you cards they are many options available to you to make this task very easy.

Where to Find Sympathy Thank You Cards

Using any thank you card, you can add our sample messages for sympathy thank you notes.
It can be a little tedious to handwrite a message in each sympathy thank you card, especially if you do not have somebody to help you.

Typically people send out thank you notes to pallbearers, clergy and to people who made donations to a selected charity or sent funeral flower arrangements.
It is not necessary to send out thank you notes to all the guests who attended the funeral. If if was particularly comforting to you to have a certain person or family there, you may want to mention it and thank them for their support.

Here is an example.

A Thank You Note to a Funeral Guest

 Dear Windell Family,
Thank you for attending Troy's funeral. We received an outpouring of love and support from our dear friends and family. We appreciate your kind words and comforting presence. Please know that your family and all that extended their sympathy towards us have been a tremendous help to us during this difficult time.
 Gratefully Yours,
Samantha and Family

Sample Messages for Sympathy Thank You Cards

  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind gesture of sympathy.
  • Thanks for providing help during this difficult time. We appreciate the house cleaning you did and all of your help in caring for our out of town guests. Your kindness was a great blessing to us.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending the beautiful bouquet of lilies. I appreciate your kind support.
  • Thank you for your kind sympathy card. It was a comfort to the whole family.

Alternatives to Writing Thank You Sympathy Cards

  • Write a public thank you notice in your local newspaper.
  • Send out thank you e-cards, to any number of recipients easily.
  • Use the pre-printed sympathy cards provided by the funeral home and just sign them.
  • Write a thank you message to all friend and family on a memorial website.

With an online memorial you can upload a picture and a message of thanks to all of your friends and family. The link to your online memorial can be added to the funeral cards or programs. After the funeral when guests check the online memorial they will be thanked for attending the funeral and for their support, cards, gifts, etc…See sample thank you notes here