Sympathy Note Ideas: How To Answer a Sympathy Note?


Sympathy note ideas can help you get started in writing your own personal message. I think looking a blank page can just be so overwhelming. However, once you see an example of a sympathy note or letter it’s simple to make adjustments to make it work for your particular situation.

We had the following question from a reader in New Jersey and we thought it could be helpful for others who need to write their own thank you cards for sympathy cards.

by Victor Garcia
(Bloomfield , NJ)

I need to answer to my friends and family for the sympathy card they sent me.

Please give a example,

Thank you,

Victor Garcia.

Dear Victor,
Here is a sample sympathy thank you note. Your message does not need to be long and it is fine to simply write a quick note in a thank you card.
The most important part is to let people know how their support has helped. That’s all people want–is to know that they’ve helped you during this difficult time.
Following the sample note their are some other examples to inspire you.


Dear Owens Family,
 Thank you for your comfort and support. We very much appreciated your sympathy note. The kindness of good friends like you is helping us through this difficult time.
Yours sincerely,
Susan Thomas

Your message only needs to be brief, the most important point is to express your gratitude by letting them know how their support helped you.

Tips for Thank You Sympathy Cards and Notes

  • Ideally replies to sympathy should be sent out two to three weeks after the service.
  • If possible sympathy thank you messages should be hand-written.
  • It is fine to write one or two sentences on a pre-printed thank you card.

More Ideas for Sympathy Thank You Messages

  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness and kind gesture of sympathy.
  • Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending the beautiful and comforting sympathy note. I appreciate your kind support.
  • Thank you for your kind sympathy note. It was a comfort to the whole family.

You can also find other samples here:
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I hope this helps,