Words of Sympathy for Pet Loss


When offering words of sympathy for pet loss it is important to let the grieving person determine the appropriate way to feel. Many people tend to not acknowledge the death of a pet as we would with our human loved one’s. However, it’s still a loss and feelings of grief are to be expected. Many of the same traditions that we use to acknowledge a death are still helpful.

Today’s Sympathy Q&A question is from Natalie.

I work at a Veterinary Practice and am designing a “Private Cremation Pack” This gives the owners more time to look through this booklet and decide which casket or urn they would like their beloved pet’s ashes in.

I am struggling with writing a covering letter with words of sympathy.

Are you able to help at all?

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,


Dear Natalie,

I am glad to help you as you offer support and sympathy to grieving pet owners.

Here are some ideas for pet sympathy poems, pet loss quotes and sample sympathy messages that could be used in the booklet you are designing.

Pet Sympathy Poems

Pet Loss Quotes

Sample Pet Sympathy Sentiments

I hope this helps you out.

Best Wishes,