Is It Really Okay to Send a Sympathy eCard?


Is a Sympathy eCard too Casual?

Sometimes a sympathy eCard is the perfect thing because it is so convenient that you’ll be sure to get it done. However it is not always an appropriate expression of sympathy. Whether or not you should send an online sympathy card depends a few factors.

It depends on the person, the seriousness of the loss and how soon after the death you are sending the card. An e card can be appropriate if it has been a while since the loss and you just want to send a quick encouraging message. It probably is not helpful in the weeks following a loss, especially since the person may not be checking their e-mail.
If the individual has experienced a tragic loss an e card is too casual. You should send a hand-written sympathy card or letter instead.
There are many cute e cards for pet loss. Pet sympathy e cards seem more appropriate to me.
As with all rules of etiquette, you have to use your best judgment. People are all so different and what one person thinks is rude another will not. As a general rule it is best to use real greeting cards when it comes to expressing sympathy.

The Best Kinds of Online Cards to Send

Instead of sending sympathy e cards, send online greetings from the support and encouragement section of Blue Mountain Greetings or American Greetings.
These online cards are uplifting and thoughtful. They usually have simple messages like, “Thinking of you” or “Sending you a hug.”
These can be good to send to grieving individuals months or even years after a loss.
You may want to send a quick “Thinking of You” e card on days that might be difficult for the bereaved such as:

  • The anniversary of the death
  • On birthdays, anniversaries or other special days
  • Around the holidays, especially Christmas

Even Better than an eCard…

If you can pick up a simple card and jot down a quick hand-written message in it, it is better than sending an e card. This is just my opinion. An actual card is a more tangible expression of care and concern and can be kept with other comforting mementos to remember a loved one.
If you know that you will not get around to sending a hand-written sympathy card, then it might be best to send an online card.

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