Sympathy Card Sentiments: What to Write in a Sympathy Card

You can use the following sympathy card sentiments to sign a card or letter. They provide a thoughtful wish or hope to end your condolence.

You can use the following sympathy card sentiments to sign a card or letter. They provide a thoughtful wish or hope to end your condolence. In some cases you may be able to just use a sentiment like one of the ones below and then sign your name.

When someone you know has passed, the worst thing to do is nothing. A sympathy card is a great way to express your condolences and share your thoughts with someone who needs it most. When writing a sympathy card sentiment, be sure to offer words of comfort and make them feel like they are not alone in their grief process. This blog will discuss some of the things that can be said in a condolence message.

It really can be that easy. Sympathy card messages do not have to be very long and in some cases one or two lines is plenty.

  • Someone so special can never be forgotten.
  • Thinking of you with sympathy.
  • May the love of those around you, help you through the days ahead.
  • Sharing in your sorrow with love and friendship.
  • Wishing you hope and peace in this sad season.
  • Thinking of you, wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain.
  • Sharing in your sorrow, thinking of you and wishing I could be there to hold your hand.
  • Remembering with you, the life of someone so dear.
  • You are in our thoughts. Please know how much you are loved and how deeply your loss is felt by all.
  • Wishing you comfort in friendship and hope in prayer.
  • Words cannot heal the pain of losing someone so dear. May God give you the strength to overcome the pain.

How to Personalize Your Sympathy Card Sentiments

Sympathy cards are a popular and common way of expressing condolences and respect for someone who has suffered a loss. It also helps show your support by acknowledging their feelings without trying to fix anything or take control of any situation. You could also talk about your memories together or share something personal like your favorite memory together so it feels more personalized and genuine than just giving words alone.

Many bereaved people are comforted by sympathy messages that use their loved one’s name. It can be a comfort to hear it and oftentimes people are feel that they should not say the deceased’s name. It is okay to talk and share favorite memories and it is definitely okay to refer to the person by name on the card.

You can easily modify a sentiment to include their loved one’s name, like these:

  • Roger will never be forgotten.
  • Roger’s memory will live on forever.
  • I was deeply saddened to hear of Roger’s passing. You are in my thoughts.
  • Roger will live on in our hearts forever.
  • More Ideas for What to Write in a Sympathy Card
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You can find helpful information about how to address your sympathy card from Emily Post as well as other ideas for what to write. We also have all kinds of verses for sympathy cards and the most beloved sympathy Bible verses.

Sympathy Card Sentiments for Specific Types of Loss

If you want to offer words of comfort or inspiration to someone who has lost a family member or friend, consider one of these sympathy card sentiments when signing your condolence letter. They provide a thoughtful wish or hope for them to hold onto in times like these. In some cases they may only need the sentiment below with your signature; however if you feel compelled by their situation and would like more specific condolences then we encourage you to go ahead and say it!

We have many more sample sympathy messages that are more appropriate for certain types of grief.

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