13 Myths About Pet Sympathy Gifts

myths about pet sympathy gifts

Pet sympathy gifts and cards really can help a bereaved pet owner cope with their loss. Pet loss and the grief associated with it are common. Fortunately, pet memorial products and gifts are becoming very popular. Now, it is easy to find cards and gifts for pet loss.

More and more pet owners are choosing to do something special to honor and cherish the memory of their special pet. Sometimes a bereaved pet owner just needs a little nudge to go ahead do something special to commemorate their pet. It’s not silly to grieve the loss of a pet. Your acceptance and encouragement will probably mean a lot to them.

13 Myths That Get in the Way of Expressing Sympathy for Pet Loss

  1. It’s weird or crazy to experience grief over the death of a pet.
  2. Pet loss is insignificant.
  3. It’s better to replace the lost pet rather than remembering our pet that passed away.
  4. A person can or should mourn alone.
  5. Giving a gift will only remind the person of their loss and make them even more sad.
  6. Tears expressing grief are a sign of weakness.
  7. The goal is to “get over” your feelings of grief.
  8. Sympathy gifts should only be given for more serious types of loss.
  9. Time is the only thing that will heal a sad person who has lost their pet.
  10. It’s better to not tell a child about the death of a pet.
  11. How long you grieve the death of a pet depends on how much you loved the pet.
  12. Once you’re done grieving the loss of a pet your life will go back to normal.
  13. If a person is not crying or visible sad, they’re not grieving.

You can encourage a grieving friend to honor their pet’s passing by giving them a beautiful pet urn or keepsake box as a sympathy gift. You will not believe how creative and special pet memorial products have become. You can even find dog urns for specific breeds and can urns that are made to look exactly like the pet. There are also an array of pet caskets, from handmade paper biodegradable to handcrafted solid oak.

How Pet Sympathy Gifts Comfort Grieving Hearts

It’s funny how much of a difference a small gesture of sympathy can make it somebody’s life. A sympathy gift given during a difficult time will not only make the person’s day better, but will always be remembered.

Pet owners who are grieving the loss of a precious pet are also dealing with many other difficult emotions in addition to grief. They may feel silly for being so upset, they may face insensitive comments from other people who do not understand and they may even feel guilty for feeling more upset about their pet’s death than other the deaths of other humans they have known.

When you look into the issues of pet-loss and the grief associated with it, you find out that these are all common and valid emotions.
If you know someone who has lost a dear pet, you can bring them so much comfort just by sending them pet sympathy gift or even just an e-card. Here are some ways your simple gesture of sympathy can make a big difference:

  • It validates the feelings of loss they are feeling.
  • Lets them know that you understand and that it is okay to be sad.
  • Meets the need for acknowledgement that people need when they have suffered a loss.
  • Gives pet owners way to honor their pet’s memory.

What Makes a Good Pet Sympathy Gift?

A simple gift that is easy to find are picture frames that have a pet sympathy poem on one side and a place to put a picture of the pet on the other. You can give this as a gift even if you don’t have a picture the pet. It provides a way for someone grieving the loss of a pet to honor their pet’s memory. They can find their favorite picture to put in.
Pet memorial stones also make a great gift. Memorial garden stones can be personalized with the pet’s name engraved onto it. It can be used to mark a grave site or just put in a special spot to remember the pet.
Many are also finding comfort pet memorial jewelry and other personalized pet sympathy gifts.

  • Photo frames
  • Memory boxes (also provides a place to keep collar, tags and photos)
  • Memorial garden stones
  • Inspirational gifts and framed art
  • Cremation jewelry and urns
  • Pet memorial jewelry