Our Favorite Sympathy Messages for Creating Custom Cards


sympathy-messagesWhen a loved one is grieving, one of the most supportive ways to help is to share sympathy messages that comfort, but don’t diminish the pain of grief. Grief is necessary for healing.

Cards and letters are wonderful gestures of sympathy because they can be taken out and read again and again.

Since more people are online e-Cards have also become very popular. You can send something an online sympathy card that has comforting music and beautiful pictures. Another, option is simply to share a video.

These video messages use beautiful music and breath-taking images to capture the deep emotions of grief. They are all free to share or send to whomever you’d like.

Inspiring Videos to Comfort

Music has been shown to be very healing for grieving individuals. Watching a video like the ones below can be a great source of comfort and healing.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

I found this video years ago and I’ve shared it many times since. You can find the words for this famous poem on my Sympathy Poems page.

When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

This is another well-loved poem set to beautiful music.

How to Share These Sympathy Messages of Facebook

If there is a video that you know would comfort a loved one, it is easy to email it to them or even post the video to their Facebook wall. When you post a video on your friend’s wall, it will be visible to everyone. To do this simply select share on the top right corner. Then select the Facebook icon and include a message to your friend if you’d like.