A Guide to Ordering Personalized Sympathy Gifts Online


There are so many personalized sympathy gifts available online. They make special funeral gifts. Here are just some that I’ve come across:

  • Gifts with embroidered messages including handkerchiefs, pillows and blankets
  • Engraved memorial jewelry
  • Engraved memorial garden stones
  • Etched glass ornaments and sun catchers
  • You can also have picture frames, candles and porcelain figurines inscribed with a special message

Browsing through a few different retailers who specialize to making personalized gifts, gave me tons of great sympathy gift ideas.
And then there are photo gifts…it is amazing what can be made with a digital photograph!
If you have a digital camera and know how to upload a photo onto your computer, you will be amazed and the beautiful gifts you can have made from it.
I’ve seen real canvas prints made from photos. Ornaments, framed prints, and keepsake boxes can all have a photograph added to them.
It is even possible to laser engrave a photo onto a piece of jewelry.

I just saw a woven blanket the other day that had a real photo image on it and a sympathy poem. It was a personalized sympathy gift at Personal Creations.
I checked it out. When you place an order they send you an envelope with instructions for selecting just the right photograph. You put the photograph in the envelope, write the message you want to have included on the blanket.
It takes up to 6 weeks before you receive your order, but what a wonderful keepsake! It was really expensive. I’d still like to get one made for my Grandma…maybe someday.

Tips for Customizing Personalized Sympathy Gifts

Many personalized sympathy gifts give you the option of customizing the gift by adding the loved one’s name and their memorial dates. So, you would have something like this written on it.

  • In Loving Memory of Charles White 1951-2009
  • Forever Loved, Charles White 1951-2009
  • Gone, but not forgotten, Charles White 1951-2009

Adding a Special Sympathy Message

Some products have a space provided for a short verse or quote. Here are some ideas for brief words of sympathy you can have inscribed on the gift.

  • May the stars carry your sadness away, May the flowers fill your heart with beauty, May hope forever wipe away your tears. And, above all, may silence make you strong. -Chief Dan George
  • When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping 
for that which has been your delight. -Kahil Gibran
  • To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die. -Thomas Campbell

You can find more ideas in the sympathy quotes section of this site.

Getting Ready to Order

When you order you’ll need to have handy:

The person’s full name (name of the deceased) and their memorial dates.

  • Any sympathy verse or quote that you want to add to the product.
  • A brief sympathy message to have written in the card that will be sent with your gift.
  • The name and address of the bereaved individual or family you will be mailing the gift to.

A good place to order personalized sympathy gifts is an online store called Personal Creations. When I ordered from them, I was really impressed with their selection and the options they gave me.
They gave me the option of having the gift wrapped for me and also to have a personalized sympathy card sent with my gift. Both options cost an extra $3.95, but it was worth it to me and saved me a lot of time.

Also, it’s hard to find wrapping paper that is not too festive. They had a few options for soft muted colors and floral prints that were perfect for a sympathy gift.
I hope this gives you some good ideas. There really are so many wonderful sympathy gifts and memorial gifts available and being able to make them personal really adds a special touch.