Memorial Jewelry


Memorial jewelry comes in all different styles, from cremation jewelry to photo engraved lockets. It makes a beautiful keepsake that will be cherished and will bring comfort for years to come. It is one of the most personal and unique sympathy gift ideas.

If you are close to a grieving loved one and you know what style of jewelry they would like, you can easily pick a special piece for them. Some people prefer gold, others silver. You’ll have to know their ring size if you want to order a ring.

So, how do you know if this is a good sympathy gift for your particular situation?
Here are some things to take into consideration:

• How well do you know the bereaved?
• Would you be able to select a style of jewelry that suits their tastes?
• Is your relationship such that it is appropriate for you to buy a more expensive memorial gift?

Memorial jewelry gives the bereaved a tangible way to keep their loved one’s memory close. It can either be custom engraved with the loved one’s name and memorial dates, made with their birthstone or contains their photo.

It is so comforting to grieving individuals that many people seek it out for themselves. If you think somebody would like to select a piece for themselves you can always send them a gift certificate in a sympathy card.
For memorial jewelry, I really like a company called Limoges Jewelry. They specialize in personalized jewelry of all kinds and their selection of memorial jewelry is huge. They even have a good selection of memorial jewelry for men. Their prices are great and they have free shipping.

Keeping a Loved One Close to the Heart

All different types of remembrance jewelry and memorial keepsakes have one thing in common they are personal and comforting. Since they can be worn they provide a way to keep the loved one close to you. Pendants, necklaces, and lockets literally keep a loved one’s precious memory close to your heart.
Cremation jewelry provides a beautiful vessel to hold cremated ashes like an urn. Think of it as a mini urn that can be worn. Wearing a cremation pendant can provide a way for the bereaved to keep their loved one close to their heart.

Jewelry can be personalized by engraving name and dates on the back. Some pieces of jewelry can even be laser engraved with a photo.
Another type of memorial jewelry that has been around for a long time is lockets. A small picture can be placed inside of a locket for a special way to remember a loved one.

One of the most amazing types of jewelry I’ve ever seen is Life Gem Diamonds. This company makes one of a kind, certified diamonds using cremation ashes or a lock of hair. The diamonds are made of the carbon of these. This is an amazing organization, with a stunning product. See for yourself at Life Gem Diamonds.

About Miscarriage and Infant-Loss Memorial Jewelry

A lady e-mails me the other day and shared a touching story about how she had just given a piece of jewelry from My Forever Child to a grieving co-worker. A friend that she’s worked with for years had just suffered a miscarriage and having gone through the same thing just a couple of years ago, she felt moved to reach out and offer the comfort of some kind.

She had heard about My Forever Child a long time after her miscarriage but loved the beautiful jewelry they offered so she bought herself a pendant and her husband a keychain. They experienced such comfort from those precious little treasures that acknowledged and validated their loss. She knew exactly what to get her sad friend at work.

She reported that her co-worker was really touched by the gift. She said that she would never have any known that anything like memorial jewelry even existed. She was grateful that somebody else understood her pain and most of all to have somebody else acknowledge her loss.

Memorial and remembrance jewelry is particularly suitable for miscarriage. Couples that suffer a loss this way often don’t feel they have the right to grieve. When others recognize it as a real loss and give gifts of sympathy it helps validate all the sorrow they feel.