Funeral Poems: Words of Sympathy for a Memorial Service or Sympathy Cards


Sympathy and funeral poems are expressive and profound. They may be the perfect thing to help you express your heart in a letter or at a memorial service. Some of the most cherished memorial poetry can be found here, whether you are looking for a poem to include in an obituary or for a funeral reading.

Find an assortment of memorial poems, Christian sympathy poems and also bereavement poems expressing the anguish of grief.
If you know bereaved parents or somebody who has just lost a spouse. They may find comfort and healing in bereavement poems, written by others or they may want to write one themselves. Sometimes reading a poem that somebody else has written can help grieving individuals express their heartache too.

Christian Sympathy Poems

A few of my favorite Christian sympathy poems to comfort and encourage.
Christian Sympathy Poems
Memorial Poems
Memorial services give friends and family a chance to remember the life of their loved one, by sharing favorite memories and celebrating a loved one’s unique life. Memorial poetry can add a special touch to a memorial service, whether it is read aloud or displayed next to photographs.
Memorial Poems
Poems for a Funeral Service
A favorite poem on the funeral program or displayed in a beautiful frame can provide comfort to everybody present. Here are some ideas for poems you can use to enhance a memorial or funeral service.
Poems for a Funeral Service
Poems for Funeral Tributes
Funeral poems and readings can add the perfect touch to your tribute. Whether you’ve been asked to share a few words or to give a funeral speech here are some ideas and resources for you.