The Best Boxed Sympathy Cards to Keep on Hand


Instead of stocking up on boxed sympathy cards that you will never use (you know the beautiful floral cards) stick to basic classic designs. Even cards that are blank inside. It can add a personal touch to add your own hand-written message inside.

The flowery cards look nice, but then when I need a sympathy card they either don’t say exactly what I want or they are just not quite right. To avoid having stacks of unopened card boxes from a decade ago in your bottom desk drawer, you should stick to classic designs and plain cards.

The advantage to buying boxed or bulk sympathy cards is that you will be prepared. You can respond promptly and get a card in the mail the same day. Better still you won’t have to search through the greeting card section.

Purchase Boxed Sympathy Cards That Will Be Just Right When You Need Them

I like to find boxed sympathy cards that are basic and have very few words. Classic styles with muted solid colors, like white, tan or ivory are good. I love linen papers and 100% cotton papers that add a warmth to the greeting.

A great place to find classic boxed and bulk sympathy cards is from stores that feature business stationary or office supplies. That’s my trick to finding the great sympathy cards at Amazon. I look in the office supplies section.

I find that many of the cards in the regular greeting card section are too flowery and the messages in them are too cliché.

Here are some of my favorites: Boxed sympathy cardsThe Best Boxed Sympathy Cards to Keep on Hand 1

More Benefits to Having Classic Condolence Cards

  • You’ll have a card on hand to respond promptly.
  • The style of the card will not become dated.
  • It will be suitable for a man or a woman.
  • It will be suitable for individuals who are religious or not.

You can also use blank cards that have inspirational photography on the front, a simple picture or a design. another benefit is that your cards can also be used for other situations.
You probably already know that I think it is best to write your own message. It’s not hard with all the sample words of sympathy you can find on this website. I’m just not a fan of most sympathy cards.

It is so difficult to find one that has a message that I like. Sometimes it’s better to use a blank card. At least use a card that has minimal text and then hand-write your own message inside. I think of all the different kinds of greeting cards, condolence cards should by the most personal and individual.