How to Send Sympathy Flowers as a Group


It can be tricky to send sympathy flowers as a group.  Who is going to buy, who places the order and does everybody need to sign the card are all questions that need to be addressed.  However it also a great opportunity to pool resources and get an exceptional sympathy gift (see the bottom of the page for more ideas besides flowers).

A few details to keep in mind when you send sympathy flowers as a group:

  • Send flowers to the family of the deceased, using the individual’s name, for example: To the family of Roger Smith.
  • Be sure to include a return address of one person in the group, so that the family can send a thank you card.
  • If more than five people are in the group of people sending the sympathy flowers, do not list each person’s name instead sign your message with “from your friends at…” or something similar.
  • Consider sending a sympathy card as well (separate from the sympathy flower order) that way everyone can sign the card.
  • Add a brief, thoughtful message to be included on the little note card accompanying the sympathy flowers.

What to Write on the Card

When you place your order there will be an option to include a message. Here are some ideas for what to write.

  • May the love of those around you, help you through the days ahead.
  • Thinking of you, wishing you hope in the midst of sorrow, comfort in the midst of pain.
  • Our deepest sympathies during your time of loss. Please know that we are all remembering (insert name) today.

A Few Things to Consider

Will you be sending a sympathy flower arrangement to a home or the workplace?
Will you be sending a funeral flower arrangements to a memorial service, cemetery or funeral home?

Ten Reasons to Send Sympathy Flowers

1. It’s easy. In less than ten minutes you can place your order online or over the phone.
2. It is simple to add a personal condolence message.
3. They can be sent just about anywhere in the world.
4. They are delivered faster than anything else I can think of. Often times same day delivery is available.
5. Flowers are profoundly expressive when there are no words to express your heart.
6. Suitable for an intimate friend or a mere acquaintance or business colleague.
7. Beautiful flowers improve the surroundings during a critical time.
8. Still the most popular and universally acceptable expressions of sympathy.
9. They are a tangible sign of other’s love and care for you.
10. Easy to send as a group, giving everyone a chance to pitch in.

Other Sympathy Gift Ideas That Can Be Sent as a Group

Flowers tend to be the most common expression of sympathy, but there are many other options that work well for groups since they tend to be higher priced items.

Sending Sympathy Meals

A week’s worth of meals can be a big help to a bereaved family and services like make it easy to do.  Blue Apron is a sympathy food delivery service that does all the work for you. The price is comparable to a sympathy flower arrangement but much more practical. Many mourners cannot even think about cooking and preparing food and having a home-cooked meal is very helpful. If you need a last minute gift idea you could also print out a gift certificate.

A Memorial Tree

The Comfort Company is one of the best places I know of to buy sympathy gifts.  I’ve ordered gifts from The Comfort Company several times over the years. I ordered a memorial tree a couple years ago for my mother. It was a Japanese Maple and she has it planted in her yard. It’s nice to watch it grow every year. Big items like trees and memorial benches and plagues have free shipping and can be custom engraved. You can find out more at The Comfort Company.