Sample Letter of Sympathy

Writing sympathy letters can be a rewarding way to express your heart and comfort a grieving friend.
If the thought of writing a condolence seems overwhelming, these sample letters of sympathy can give you great ideas and inspiration.

A Generic Sympathy Letter

Here a sample condolence letter to give you a basic idea.

Dear ________
I am sorry to hear of your loss. We will miss _______ so much. 
He/she was greatly loved and admired by all who knew him/her.
I always loved the way he/she ____________ You have always been a wonderful friend to him/her.
 I would like to help you in whatever way I can through this difficult time. 
Please let me ____________ for you. When you are ready you can reach me at __________
You are in my thoughts, __________

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The basic components of a sympathy letter are:

Acknowledging the loss.
Expressing your condolences.
Taking a moment to remember and note special qualities about their loved one.
If you can, include a favorite memory of their loved one.
Remind the bereaved of their personal strengths or special qualities.
Offer some kind of help.
End the letter with a sentiment or a thoughtful wish or expression.

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I know how overwhelming it can be. There is something about grief that makes us want to run and hide. Simple Sympathy was created to make expressing sympathy easier and it's my hope that you find the perfect way to express your heart.

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