Sample Messages of Sympathy

I want to offer several sample messages of sympathy to help you know how to comfort a hurting friend. Knowing what to say when it seems like there is nothing that can be said is hard.  It feels like there [...]

Providing Creative Space

Guest post by Janelle Shantz Hertzler (author of Seasons of Solace) After my husband was killed by a drunk driver, several of my aunts provided time, supplies, and expertise in the area of scrapbooking. Now that I am five years [...]

Horse Sympathy Cards

The following horse sympathy cards are free to print and share with a friend. Scroll down for some ideas for some sample messages of sympathy for pet loss. Gold Swirls Horse Sympathy Card This sympathy card reads: "So many steps [...]

words of comfort

Simple Ways of Comforting the Bereaved

Comforting the bereaved can seem overwhelming, however it really is possible. Instead of trying to cheer up a grieving friend, focus on being supportive and helpful. Part of being supportive is understanding grief. Another great way to be supportive is [...]

3 Condolence Letter Tips for a Comforting Letter

If you need to write a condolence letter, rest assured.  It's not as hard as you might think.  Read these important tips to get a good start and to stay on the right track.  Soon you will have a comforting [...]

What to Write in a Belated Sympathy Card

Are you wondering if you should send a belated sympathy card? Many people wonder if "late is better than never" when it comes to sympathy cards. Ideally you want to send a sympathy card within the first two weeks of [...]

Help Writing Message of Sympathy For a Family Tragedy

Our question today about writing a message of sympathy for a family tragedy and it is from Margaret.  She writes: I need a suitable sympathy message for a friend who lost a daughter, son-in-law and two granddaughters in a fatal [...]

How Do I Comfort My Daughter Who Has Had a Miscarriage

Today we have an important question from an anonymous reader.  She writes: My daughter has had a miscarriage after trying for over a year to conceive her first child. She was 11 weeks and is totally devastated.   Dear Caring [...]

In Lieu of Flowers: What is the Appropriate Amount of Money to Donate?

Today we have a question from Gina.  She writes: The person who passed away is the owner of a company that my company deals with. Since I've gotten to know him and the family I consider them friends. So, what [...]

Sending a Sympathy Card to Just One Family Member?

Our Sympathy Q&A question is by Linda Haines from Silverdale, Washington.  She writes: My uncle who is remarried, lost his adult son recently to cancer. I think we should send a sympathy card to my uncle personally, since he is the [...]