Expressing Sympathy for the Death of a Spouse

Sometimes after the death of a spouse, the bereaved spouse suffers additional grief from friends, family and acquaintances. Many people do not how to express sympathy for this profound loss. They may not know what to say or maybe they [...]

Printable Sympathy Cards

Our free printable sympathy cards make it easy to get a comforting sympathy card in the mail today. They also make a nice addition to a sympathy gift basket or a care package. You will need white card stock, a [...]

Words of Sympathy Blog

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Christian Sympathy Cards

When it comes to writing Christian sympathy cards, the Bible does give us some guidelines to help us writing a comforting message. I think it is important to see that both of these guidelines speak of doing rather than saying. [...]

Sympathy Cards

Sending sympathy cards is a simple gesture, but it can make a big difference to a hurting friend.Words of sympathy are often treasured for years. A condolence message might be read over and over again. It might be shared with [...]

Sympathy Card Sentiments

You can use the following sympathy card sentiments to sign a card or letter. They provide a thoughtful wish or hope to end your condolence. In some cases you may be able to just use a sentiment like one of [...]

Stages of Grieving: How You Can Help

During each stage of grief the needs of the bereaved vary.  However you can help a loved one along the path towards healing by simply supporting them as they grieve.  Not trying to diminish their grief, but helping them go [...]

Sample Condolence Letter

A sample condolence letter or a sample sympathy letter can help you write your own comforting letter. Although many people consider the condolence letter to be the most difficult letter to write, these sample letters and tips can walk you [...]

Pet Sympathy Ideas: Pet Sympathy Cards and Gifts

Expressing sympathy for pet loss is becoming easier as pet sympathy cards, gifts and memorial products become more common. Considering how many people care for and cherish a companion animal, it is good to see that this need is being [...]

Words of Sympathy for the Loss of a Child

For parents who are grieving the loss of a child, there are no words to ease the heartache and pain they feel. To make matters worse, bereaved parents may be avoided by others who do not know what to do [...]