Child Bereavement Poems for Grieving Parents

Grief and bereavement poems can by a source of strength and healing for grieving parents. Losing a child is every parents nightmare. For moms and dads who have experienced this kind of pain it may help to read some of [...]

Bereavement Gifts Offer Comfort and Healing

Bereavement gifts promote healing through the grieving process. They are gifts that are comforting to the bereaved and meet basic needs for: Acknowledgement Remembrance Experiencing and sharing grief The number one thing that a grieving person needs is to go [...]

About Sympathy: Common Myths

There are several common myths and misunderstandings about how to express sympathy. Everyone has good intentions when expressing sympathy, but good intentions don't always equal comforting words. There are many misunderstandings that cause problems. The biggest one being our idea [...]

How to Help Send Out Sympathy Thank You Notes

You can help a recently bereaved friend or relative by offering to help with the sympathy thank you notes. Many grieving individuals find that they could use a helping hand with this project. It may even be a burden to [...]

Sympathy Sayings and Toasts

These sympathy sayings and quotes are suitable for eulogies, memorial speeches and toasts. If you are asked to share a few words at a funeral or memorial service, these can add just right touch to your speech. Toasting and drinking [...]

Sympathy Gift Etiquette

Sympathy Gift Etiquette: A Few Common Questions "Is it too late to send a sympathy gift?" Ideally you should send a card and or gift within the first two weeks after being notified of the death. I've heard this from [...]

Sympathy Card Messages: What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Hand-writing your own sympathy card messages makes your condolence more personal and thoughtful. Instead of buying a sympathy card with a generic message, you can add a personal touch with these sample words of sympathy. Sometimes there is not really [...]

Infant Loss Poems

I want to share these infant loss poems and words of sympathy for grieving parents with you. Moms and dads often feel like they are making everyone sad and uncomfortable.  It really helps when the people around you are fine [...]

Words of Encouragement & Support

Words of encouragement can brighten somebody's day and help them get through a hard time. Whether you send a hand-written letter, a quick e-card or even just post a quote on a friend's Facebook wall, you can be a wonderful [...]

Offering Words of Comfort to a Grieving Friend

Many of us struggle to find words of comfort for a grieving friend. Most people are not comfortable around hurting individuals. It can be difficult to strike the balance between being sensitive and being overly concerned about a hurting loved [...]