Sympathy Messages

Messages of sympathy to comfort a hurting loved one. Now you can know exactly what to write in a sympathy card.

Sympathy Phrases

Top Ten Sympathy Phrases to Avoid Some of the most common sympathy phrases are really awful. They are said every day, you may not think anything about them. I've found myself saying a few of these statements before. They tend [...]

Miscarriage Sympathy Card Messages

I have regretted not sending a miscarriage sympathy card on several occasions. It can seem overwhelming to know what to say. I think many people do not quite know what to do and many people do not even realize that [...]

Memorial Verses

Memorial verses to use in your memorial tribute. Quotes, verses or words of sympathy will add a nice touch to your tribute. I'll Be Near Though you can't see or touch me I'll be near, And if you listen with [...]

Letters of Sympathy: An Easy Guide for Writing Sympathy Letters

Letters of sympathy can comfort and inspire hope. It's strange to think that a letter acknowledging a friend's loss can bring comfort to them. A well-written letter will be treasured for years and often re-read in times of sadness. "The [...]

How to Write a Letter of Condolence

A letter of condolence is one of the most important and intimidating letters many of us ever have to write. I hope to provide you with the resources and inspiration to make this daunting task very simple. I think you [...]

About Sympathy: Common Myths

There are several common myths and misunderstandings about how to express sympathy. Everyone has good intentions when expressing sympathy, but good intentions don't always equal comforting words. There are many misunderstandings that cause problems. The biggest one being our idea [...]

Sympathy Sayings and Toasts

These sympathy sayings and quotes are suitable for eulogies, memorial speeches and toasts. If you are asked to share a few words at a funeral or memorial service, these can add just right touch to your speech. Toasting and drinking [...]

Sympathy Card Messages: What to Write in a Sympathy Card

Hand-writing your own sympathy card messages makes your condolence more personal and thoughtful. Instead of buying a sympathy card with a generic message, you can add a personal touch with these sample words of sympathy. Sometimes there is not really [...]