Sympathy Cards

Announcing Our Free Online Sympathy Greeting Cards

Simply click in the image and then click “Send as e-Card. Enter in your name and email and then the email address of the recipient. The following cards can also be shared on social media. Sympathy E Cards are a [...]


Memorial Day Poems and Quotes

The following Memorial Day Poems and Quotes can be shared online or in a card. The memorial quote can be sent as an e-card or shared through social media by simply clicking on the photo and selecting your favorite social [...]

What to Write in a Belated Sympathy Card

Are you wondering if you should send a belated sympathy card? Many people wonder if "late is better than never" when it comes to sympathy cards. Ideally you want to send a sympathy card within the first two weeks of [...]

Free Sympathy Cards

Send free sympathy cards to friends or family members when they need your support and words of comfort. Now, you don't have to roam the supermarket aisle to find a suitable sympathy greeting card. Simple Sympathy offers sympathy e-cards. Our e-cards [...]

Sympathy Card Help

Writing a sympathy card just got easier! Find sample sympathy messages and help with sympathy etiquette. You can even ask a question here and I'll try my best to help you out. Sample messages of sympathy for any type of [...]

Sympathy e-card

Sometimes a sympathy e card is the perfect thing because it is so convenient that you'll be sure to get it done. However it is not always an appropriate expression of sympathy. Whether or not you should send an online [...]

Sympathy Thank You Cards

If you need to send out sympathy thank you cards they are many options available to you to make this task very easy. Using any thank you card, you can add our sample messages for sympathy thank you notes. It [...]

How to Sign Sympathy Cards

Have you ever struggled through this? Getting a thoughtful and original message put down in a card and actually getting it in the mail within a decent time frame. It can be difficult to avoid the cliche statements like: "I [...]

What to Write in Business Sympathy Cards

Finding the right wording for business sympathy cards can be difficult, especially if you need to send a condolence card to someone that you do not know very well. If you knew the bereaved individual well enough to make small [...]

Boxed Sympathy Cards

Instead of stocking up on boxed sympathy cards that you will never use (you know the beautiful floral cards) stick to basic classic designs. Even cards that are blank inside. It can add a personal touch to add your own [...]