Supporting Grief

Providing Creative Space

Guest post by Janelle Shantz Hertzler (author of Seasons of Solace) After my husband was killed by a drunk driver, several of my aunts provided time, supplies, and expertise in the area of scrapbooking. Now that I am five years [...]

words of comfort

Simple Ways of Comforting the Bereaved

Comforting the bereaved can seem overwhelming, however it really is possible. Instead of trying to cheer up a grieving friend, focus on being supportive and helpful. Part of being supportive is understanding grief. Another great way to be supportive is [...]

Words of Sympathy

When it comes to offering words of sympathy, even close friends are at a loss for words. You may be wondering if you should say something. You might be worried about saying the wrong thing or coming across as insincere. [...]

How to Express Sympathy

When it comes to knowing how to express sympathy many people are at a loss for words. Expressing sympathy can seem overwhelming at first glance, but when you look at from the perspective of what you would want if you [...]

Sympathy and Empathy to Comfort

Sympathy and Empathy are closely related yet different. Sympathy will cause you to care enough to want to help a grieving friend. It will fill you with compassion and pity, but empathy will enable you to be understanding and share [...]

What You Need to Know About the Grieving Process to Comfort the Bereaved

Grief is a normal and healthy way to respond to a loss. Understanding the grieving process will help you to provide support to a grieving friend or family member. Most people go through these steps along the journey of accepting [...]

How to Help a Grieving Child

A grieving child needs to be free to express her feelings and to be sad. If family members are unwilling to mourn or unable to talk about feelings the child may think it is unacceptable to grieve. Sometimes adults want [...]

Grief Quotes

Collecting grief quotes and words of sympathy is a little bit like panning for gold, you sift through all the quotes until you find just the perfect treasure and then you save it for just the right occasion. "Tragedy, sadness, [...]

How to Help Send Out Sympathy Thank You Notes

You can help a recently bereaved friend or relative by offering to help with the sympathy thank you notes. Many grieving individuals find that they could use a helping hand with this project. It may even be a burden to [...]

Offering Words of Comfort to a Grieving Friend

Many of us struggle to find words of comfort for a grieving friend. Most people are not comfortable around hurting individuals. It can be difficult to strike the balance between being sensitive and being overly concerned about a hurting loved [...]